I chose to become an educator because i love to help other people who are struggling.  i spent countless hours and money in my early years trying to learn and become the best photographer i could be.  the majority of the courses and classes i bought did me no favors.  It took me a long time to find my way and find my style and voice as a photographer.  I don't want it to take you that long, which is why I started this page.  

Education for the rule breakers

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I also presented on a panel for Rangefinders rising 30 in Las Vegas at WPPI.

I've had the insane honor of being published in some of the most prestigious magazines and blogs in the industry.


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The biggest "Major Key" to growth is education.  The problem is, not all courses or teachers are alike.  I've taken too many classes and workshops that were filled with jargon and lacked substance.  You won't get that with me.  I'm a goofball that likes to keep things simple and thats how I teach.

I have many connections in the local wedding industry.  I'm good friends with many of the fine folks who own and run venues, along with super talented hair and makeup artists.  This year and in the years to come I plan on hosting many workshops where I give you all of my tips and tricks for how I shoot my couples.  Subscribe to my newsletter and you will be the first to know when this will kick off.  Space will be limited.


Live Authentically


While I will be giving away a ton of content and material on this page, you might need some more hands on attention.  Wether it is specific areas of photography such as lighting, or how to pose and navigate a couples session, we can get together on a shoot and walk through how I handle your concerns on my shoots.  If this sounds like it would benefit you, click the link below and lets grow!  


essential mentorship

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